Customer Service
We only want happy customers!

Our commitment to you

  • Treating you professionally
  • Being accessible
  • Providing quality services
  • Providing accurate and clear information
  • Responding promptly to General inquiries 
  • Keeping our pricing comparable
  • Responding to Feedback and Complaint

  • We will provide a consistent level of service by ensuring our processes are established and reliable. However, should our training lapse, we will acknowledge the fact, apologize, do what we can to rectify the problem and introduce procedures which stop us from repeating it.
  • We will regularly measure our customers' level of satisfaction with our services. The results will be used to improve how we work with you, our customer.

Responding to feedback and complaints

We will consider all feedback and, in particular, listen to our customer's suggestions on how we might improve our services. We want to operate in an environment of continuous improvement and your ideas can assist us.

If you have suggestions about how we can improve our services, or if you want to make a complaint or provide a compliment about either a product or service or the person who provided it, we encourage you to talk to the staff member you dealt with at the time or use one of our other

formal feedback mechanisms.


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